The term talc covers a wide range of natural rocks and minerals, most of which are magnesium silicates. Talcs tend to form in plates. You can see the platy nature of talc from this Scanning Electron Micrograph (SEM) taken at a 5,000 times magnification. This platy structure gives talc many of its reinforcing performance properties in plastics.


Barretts Minerals Inc. (BMI) produces ground talc products in Barretts, Montana, using ore from its nearby mines.

For plastic reinforcement, BMI products are offered as small as 0.8 micron for superior reinforcement. MicroTuff® AG and MicroTalc® products are widely used in polyolefins for automotive and appliance parts. For blown and cast films, ABT®, Polybloc® and the high clarity Optibloc® are talc-based antiblocks.

The Talcron® and Sericron® talc series are a range of products for paints and coatings. Cercron® talcs are used in specialty ceramic applications. Select MicroTalc® and UltraTalc® talc products meet high purity standards required for use in foods, pharmaceuticals and body powders.